Alien funny movie may be a kids movie

I saw this movie when i was 7 (2007). the movie came out be for then maybe in the 90s. not sure. the movie is in color and in English. what i remember is an alien was hiding in a human guys house. i think some how they get physically attached to each other. the alien loses his arm and leg a few times and has to reattach it. the human guy works for the news or something like that. so he has to take the alienguy with him and the alien ends up eating gum or playing with it from under the table. I remember this movie but not the name. i really want to know the name. please help. thank you.

3 thoughts on “Alien funny movie may be a kids movie

    1. Sorry, it’s actually just a link to the trailer! The quality of the full movie was really bad, so I decided against it!

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