Alien comes to earth via meteorite, finds its way into a womans uterus to grow to full size.

I watched the film on VHS in the mid 90’s but it had an 80’s look to it. Was most definitely an indie flick. Was also in color.


An alien thing comes to earth via a meteorite (I believe) I recall it looking like a snake with just a mouth (parana type teeth) It squirms into a nearby village in central America. Climbs into a sleeping woman’s bed and up into her vagina. The creature causes her to have an increased sex drive. When a guy hooks up with her, the creature bites down and kills the guy. I don’t remember the specifics but the creature gained sustanace by killing and grew inside the woman. She thinks she’s killed the thing inside her and starts to hitch hike back home. a bus full of football players picks her up and the the awakens. I’m uncertain of the ending… If it shows her about to do the nasty with the team… Or if she incapacitates the driver and flips the bus to kill the creature.

5 thoughts on “Alien comes to earth via meteorite, finds its way into a womans uterus to grow to full size.

  1. nope. 🙁 in the movie i watched, the woman never gave birth and never died (until possibly the last scene of the film)

  2. Oh man! Thank you! Baby Blood is it. It was released with dubs in the states as The Evil Within. And of course, ‘Mericans have to slap a pretty face onto everything, and we got a 1993 remake with Drew Barrymore.

    I’m surprised at how off my memory was the movie takes place in Africa and France it looks like. And the thing was never shown coming to earth. Still not a bad recollection of a movie I saw no more than 4 times 20 years ago. Thanks for digging that one up 🙂

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