Aladdin episode

At the time interval 3:05 of the Aladdin episode, “The 7 Faces of Genie”, Genie quoted something like: “This for Joe! This for Moe!……..” while shooting and being dressed as a soldier when he thinks they are being under attack.

Somehow, I have a feeling Genie got this from a movie with soldiers in it from either WWI or WWII. Problem is I don’t know which movie has that kind of quote.

4 thoughts on “Aladdin episode

  1. McHale’s Navy (1962)
    s3e23 – The Seven Faces of Ensign Parker

    “After the guys swipe Binghamton’s dictation machine, Parker is nailed for the crime, while in the process of returning it, and The Captain throws him into the brig, pending Court Martial. Parker must then work with McHale and the boys in a complicated plan to try to make Binghamton drop the charges, by making him think he’s losing his mind.”

    1. But are you sure that movie uses somewhat the same quote: “This for Joe!………” and so on?

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