Aidan Quinn might be in it. Looked thru all his movies.

Saw it couple years ago. Probably on netflix. Main heroine is forign but movie not all foreign.
Starts out with a welder working on a pipe and then a woman that works in a factory and lives so quietly and never gets in trouble eats only one type of food every day. She gets fired. She doesn’t talk for a long time. When she’s fired she gets a job as a nurse on a ship, but she’s not really a nurse. Aidan Quinn is hurt from an accident that he caused on the ship and it killed his best friend. She takes care of him and he’s kinda mean to her. I think she has flashbacks of being raped or something and he has flashbacks of accidentally killing his best friend. She goes to his old bunk and finds his phone and hears how his bf’s wife or his wife?? Idk, left him messages and she finds out that Aidan Quinn has his own demons. The end is him and her in a field crying and holding each other. Something like that. Scanned thru ALL of Aidan Quinn’s movies and nothing!!! I’m 90% sure it’s him tho. Thanks everybody!:)

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