Action type movie where man kidnaps and seduces his wife?

I saw this movie so long ago but I’m thinking it might be from the late 90’s. I saw in English, on tv, in color. The scene goes like this I believe. Toward the end of the movie a man is sitting I a hotel room and a woman was brought in. The man faces toward the window or something on the opposite side of the room. He uses a tape recorder to talk so not to use his own voice. (I think because the woman is his wife and he doesn’t want her to know it is him yet.) the woman is tied up and blindfolded on the bed. I remember the man then going to her and started to touch her. Last thing I remember is that there is a rose in one of their mouths and that she ends up kneeing him in self defense. This has just been driving me crazy because it so hard to search for the movie. This isn’t a prominent scene and I’m just assume it was a type of action movie because there were guns and such.  Please help ease my mind and thank you!

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