Action Mystery with Mute child…?

So this really good movie I cannot remember when I watched it but it was definitely after 2005, it was old but really good as in I would buy this on blu ray/dvd/anything just to own it, so here are the scenes I remember:

The main character(woman) finally enters into the RV, I’m pretty sure or house, the kidnapper/killer has the girl in and she finds her, and she just looks beaten down, dirty and mute and when the main character tries to talk to her the little girl just doesn’t respond. But the woman says if you ever want me to help you or you just needs something….(and some other stuff I don’t remember) then just yell out Billy(I think) and so she tries to sneak the girl out of the RV but the guy finds them and they start fighting, I think the main character is a cop maybe. But anyways they start fighting and the kidnapper/killer guy seems to be wining…

Second scene I remember, is the woman has to go and turn the little girl in an orphan, and as the woman is walking away the little girl start yelling out Billy(maybe) but I know while she’s walking away the little girl is being walked away by the orphanage staff or child protective services and she starts yelling out the name the woman gave her over and over again.

So yeah, sorry these are the only scenes I remember and if this isn’t found out its okay because I understand since I gave some confusing unsure scenes.Thank You for any help and suggestions!

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