Abduction of a child

It’s the story of a child -can’t remember if it’s a boy or girl- who is abducted in the 70’s or 80’s, and the case grows cold until the investigation starts again in the 2000’s. The child’s body is found many years later in the 2000’s -a few blocks away from where s/he was abducted in an old sewer or stormwater catchment. Please help me find that movie!

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  1. Sounds vaguely like “Adam,” a tv movie detailing the abduction and murder of John Walsh’s young son, leading to his activism in crime victim’s (and families) rights issues, and eventual hosting of “America’s Most Wanted.” It aired during the 80s; it sounds like the movie you are looking for may be newer..

    1. Thanks for your help Damiana – unfortunately, that isn’t it either 🙁

      I just watched Stir of Echoes and it was a really good movie!

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