A weird movie with monkeys

I have seen this movie a loooong looong time ago but I have been searching for it for a long time, anyway this is all I can remember from it :


  •  the movie talks about apes that are separated in two different parts of the forest, the upper part where the “wild” apes live and the bottom part where  the “smart” apes live.
  • the apes that live on the upper part consider the down part of the forest equal with death and whoever falls there never comes back
  •  the down part apes live like humans dress like them and even have events and stuff like that
  • one of the upper part apes, falls down and everybody considers him dead but actually he is alive and fine and the other apes start to dress him and I even remember a part when he is playing in a labyrinth and he finds his way very quickly so the smart apes start teaching him numbers and stuff
  • I remember that the down apes have a king or something and the apes that falls has a thing with his daughter.
  • I also remember that his king is killed by a tiger or something.

That’s all I remember and hope this helps :/

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