A very strange movie, with ghosts living inside a mountain

I remember a extremely weird movie. It was aired at the end if the 80, I think I was roughly 10 years old. I can’t tell how old the movie was at that time.

I only saw a part of it because I got scared so my parents switched channels.

In the scene I remember, we see a car in some kind of desert, driving. I think it has strange features on it, but I can’t tell more.

The car accelerates toward a rocky mountain, and penetrates it. I mean not in a cave or a tunnel, but really inside the rock. This car is actually made for it (that sounds crazy to put this memory into words).

Once inside the mountain, we that there some kind of creatures inside it, inside the rock. They look like colored ghosts in my memory. They kind of catch the car, like to attack it. The driver keeps driving though he is panicking, and exits the mountain on the other side. And we see that the “ghosts” are still grabbing to it.

Another scene I remember shows a man being “propelled” somehow toward a wall : and using the same kind of feature than of the car, the upper half of his body enters that wall, I mean inside the concrete. And on the other side, there are those ghosts again, I think those were blue. The man is panicking, he can’t move and the ghosts are attacking him. I don’t remember gore or blood or anything, my parents wouldn’t have let me watch it in the first place if it had been.

Anyway, that is all I remember, I was so afraid at that moment that we switched to another film.

I would be so greatful if someone could identify this film.

Thank you very much for reading my message.





3 thoughts on “A very strange movie, with ghosts living inside a mountain

    1. Thanks very much for giving me the answer.

      A great mystery of my life is now solved.

      This movie seems so bizarre, and Peter Weller and Ian Goldsmith play in it…

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