A Town full of Toys

It’s been bugging me for years now! What was that movie?

It starts with who I think was an white American child of about 10 years old who gets sucked through some portal or wormhole into another land. Pretty sure this happens after he falls off his bike and cries. A clown (not creepy horror clown) makes friends with him and explains where he is, then shows him back to the main town.

At the town, there are toys everywhere. The king and queen/president and first lady (not sure what they actually were) were an Action Man and Barbie doll. Other toys included what I think was a small ‘army’ of those old style toy soldiers in the red and white uniforms with black hats. They marched down the street before action man and Barbie greeted the child.

The villain in this movie was a black man in a metal suit of armour, perhaps part robot, who had a number of strange looking minions serving him. His metal armour can be described as a chrome version of Buzz Lightyear’s suit without the wings.

I believe that the villain captures the child at one point in the movie and the child fights back, breaking part of the metal suit, perhaps the hand.

I’d be grateful to anyone who can find me the name of this film.

I watched it around 15-17 years ago. It was VHS from what I remember. ‘Toyland’ and ‘Toytown’ are ringing bells but not returning anything on google or any other means of researching it.

Please find it for me! My life will be complete! :L


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