A Tower made of Junk

I believe that this was an after school special, from the mid 80’s or so…at least that’s about when I remember seeing it.  It features an older man who has build either one tower, or a pair of towers, completely from stuff found in a junkyard.  This young boy becomes interested in the process and sort of apprentices himself to the man, learning the difference between “good junk” and “bad junk” (I swear I remember that as a quote), and eventually the city sends someone out to destroy the towers, which were assumed to be a physical hazard.

The city guy has a pickup truck, climbs partway up one tower, or maybe to the top, I’m not sure, and hooks off a winch cable to it.  Then he tries to drive forward and yank down the tower, but the thing almost magically won’t budge.  Not even a shudder.  The truck peels out and just can’t do anything to it, so I guess they let the tower stand.

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