A thriller involving pipes and water…?

I only remember the scene towards the end. I don’t remember the beginning or the end. Just that the “plot twist reveal” got to me.

From what I could surmise, it’s clearly from 80s to 90s. I’m guessing more 90s is how I feel about it. It’s a thriller/horror of some sort. Definitely American, it had this HBO 90s vibe to it.

The only scene I can remember is that the woman (which I assume is the protag) finds out that a boy had been killed in the house she was in. I remember strongly that it involved a bathtub but I do not know if the boy was drowned. All I remember is that it was very sad to reveal that the ghost/spirit of the house had a memory of being in the bathroom and dying there.

There was a shot of blood coming out of the gutter outside the house.

I’m not sure if this is true or I made it up in my head but: I think a parent killed their son (I specifically know it was a son at least) and he died in the house. And I think his body was hidden in the pipes??? gutters??? I don’t know if he was chopped up or grounded or anything, just that there was tons of blood in the pipes as if to imply that his corpse was literally in the house’s pipes.

I was just a kid when I watched this so I just remember feeling absolutely mortified at the thought of being sucked through the pipes/hole in the bathtub and crushed and left inside haha.

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