A Terrence Howard Drama Movie

This movie is a family movie, its based on a lady who adopted a lot of children but one boy in particular who she adopted would comb her hair and one day while combing her hair she told him she had a little girl that was 4 years old and she died fr pueumonia, she was crying and he asked her why she didnt say anything about it before and she answered and said “god does not male mistakes, he gave me many more” I think at one time a social worker wanted to take away the boy from the lady when he was younger but. Terrence Howard cursed the social worker, its a black movie, I googled it but I can’t find it.

3 thoughts on “A Terrence Howard Drama Movie

  1. When I said he cursed the social worker i meant he told her to go away, to get out, Terrence howard is the man that plays lucious on the TV show Empire 🙂

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