A Surreal film in an exotic location Please Help


I vaguely remember watching a film about 10 years ago on (I think) a BBC channel. The film from what I remember was quite surreal and I think the plot was focused on a Woman who was going through some sort of emotional awakening or loosing her naivety. The main actress I think had dark hair and was pretty much your standard Hollywoodesque type girl. Pretty sure the film was in English. The strongest memory I have which has made me post on this site was of a scene which I think is recurring, it takes place in quite an exotic location and shows balcony built under a rocky cliff so that it formed a roof over it. The sun shone through the roof and the balcony and I think water cascades down from this rocky cliff roof with a bit of greenery around the balcony as well. The lead actress would walk toward this balcony from further in the building or cave, toward the balcony and light. Another woman is stood at the balcony or is sitting on the railing. The other woman is of a darker complexion than the main actress, can’t remember how dark a complexion but is going for the classic exotic look. The two characters very briefly interact and I think throughout the film, which is all set in a exotic tropical location, this scene is revisited a few times and each time the interaction is expanded on. I also think the film has a strong single song running throughout as a theme but I can’t remember it at all.

Please Help thanks.

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