A Surfing and A Action movie

I have two movies to ask about:    First One: Based upon a surfing movie with three girls and one of them entered a surfing competition and she had a love affair with this young man that she met and I think one of the girls is her sister and I think the movie starts when she hit her head on a rock under the sea when she was younger and I think the other girls did not approve of her seeing this boy because they were saying it’s distracting her from surfing.                                                                    Second One: This movie revolves around a Disc, DVD or Cd, About, three men come to a family house and shoot The Grandmother, Father, Mother, and Daughter ( a little girl) The mother hide the little girl under the bed when she saw the men coming, they didn’t see her but she said,” mummy”?  Then they shoot her but before they were shot and killed the father gave his son (a  little boy) a disc like a DVD and told him to run far away with it but they catch him and held him captive at a house but there was a woman there too that took away their guns and drive away with the little boy, In the movie the little boy has asthma ,it’s like something was on the disc that’s valuable .  

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