A Star Wars like film

I remember watching a film around about 1993. The only scene I can recall is our hero is locked in a pit with a metal grill over the top. And then there’s a massive shadow that drops over the scene, I think from some kind of spaceship? Don’t recall the cause, only that the shadow is being cast. I believe that the hero escapes from the jail pit thing with help from a little robot pal. It’s pretty much feeling like a Star Wars knockoff, so we’re looking at a date of it being made to match with that. 80’s. It didn’t FEEL like it was a new thing when I saw it, but who knows.

English language, in colour.

1 thought on “A Star Wars like film

  1. Could be The Black Hole (1979), or Flash Gordon (1980), or Battle beyond the stars (1980), or the last starfighter (1984).

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