A some sort of thriller, drama US movie

The movie is set around 1920s-60s.

There is a circus which most of the performers are freaks and thier boss is an old midget. There is a young girl who is a performer there was killed by her boyfriend (or so I think), her father rally the circus people to take vengeance on her killer.

That is all I can remeber.

11 thoughts on “A some sort of thriller, drama US movie

  1. Dollars to donuts you’re remembering an episode of the TV show “Carnivale.” I bet it’s “Pick a Number” but it may be the one previous to it, called “Babylon.”
    The girl wasn’t killed by her boyfriend, but by the last living man in a ghost town the side show visits. Her name was Dora, and her murderer was subjected to “carny justice.”


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