A scene where a strange creature gets stepped on and explodes

I remember viewing this scene at night around Fall of 1996 on possibly HBO or Cinemax. I didn’t recognize any actor, but I remember one of them resembled Ross Hull. It was not Ross, but I only remember three guys in suits in the same room. The movie was in color and in english. Also, to note, I highly doubt it was a NC-17 or X rated, late night HBO, type of movie.

The scene I remember is three guys in suits walk in a room where a woman was laying face down and motionless in pain. She moans in pain until all of a sudden. A creature rolls from underneath her. The guys in suits take a second to think what is happening. Next, the creature makes a noise and explodes shortly after being stepped on by one of the guys in suits. The camera pans to two of the guys in the room starring at the creature before it explodes.  The creature explodes and splatters two of the guys in the face.

The main points is a woman on the ground moaning, creature rolling from underneath her and explodes once stepped on. It was the weirdest movie scene I’ve ever remembered and would make me at peace if I found the name of that movie. Can anyone help me out?

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