A scene from a horror movie that i saw in my childhood.

Hey, i remember seeing a scene from a horror movie (or a TV series) i am not sure…

The scene inclueded a man and a young girl, she had blond hair if i remember  right. The girl pushed the man down the stairs or through a fence and when the man was lying downstairs this girl jumped on her? and stared him with a very creepy smile and i am pretty sure that the moment the smile came upon her face she also drooled. I am pretty sure the movie is from 80-90’s, i only saw and remember this particular scene because i was like 5yo and my parents changed the channel or just turned tv off after that. It scared the shit out of me and time to time this scene comes to my mind, i’ve tried to find out where its from but i havent got any luck with that. So i hope someone would remember a scene like this or slightly similar, i dont know if i remember it correctly cause it was a long time ago. But i remember that the girl was the smiling and drooling in a very creepy way…
Thanks anyways.

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