A Ritual and A Lawnmower

This movie had to have been made in the 80’s or 90’s. I was a small kid when I watched it, I believe in the late 90’s. I remember my mom watching it (she doesn’t remember the name of the movie when I ask her). All I can really remember from it is I believe a ritual done in a house, a pentagram in blood, possibly a cauldron, and a guy getting run over by a lawnmower. Can’t remember if it was his whole body or just his hand. Movie is in English and in color.

5 thoughts on “A Ritual and A Lawnmower

    1. Hmm, that wasn’t it.
      I was trying to think of more details, it’s kind of hard because I was kind of young at the time.
      I think I remember a woman dressed in black doing the ritual in a house with big tile floors. I remember the house looking kind of small.
      The man who got into the quarrel with the lawn mower looked kind of greaser-esque I believe.

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