A psychinc digs up a missing kids body in house backyard

I saw a short video on youtube, it was probably of some English language TV show.
The show must have been related to supernatural things, or psychic powers.
In the scene, a person keeps digging in the backyard of a house, trying to tell the owner that the her kid that has been missing for so long, is buried right there. And there is another law enforcement officer trying to tell the person to stop digging as his actions didnt make scene. But he finally finds the remains and even the law enforcement officer is surprised.

5 thoughts on “A psychinc digs up a missing kids body in house backyard

  1. Sounds like an episode of Medium or Ghost Whisperer. There’s been an awful lot of this stuff since at least In Dreams (1999) and Stir of Echoes (also 1999).

    1. I saw the clip of this Bones episode on YouTube, the scene is somewhat similar but this is not the one.
      The scene that I saw, was from day time and I guess there were only 3 people in the scene.

      I think, I’ll checkout Medium, that might be the show.

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