A movie I’ve been trying to find for quite some time.

In roughly 2010, I recall watching a movie that held some significance to me as it illustrated the insidious nature of Satan and how he delights in our misery.

I can recall that the movie was comprised of a couple whom was staying in a cabin that was quite isolated that rested along a picturesque lake.  If I recall correctly, there was some talk of someone committing suicide in that lake, which in part set an ominous tone for the movie.  The man in the movie that played the husband/boyfriend to the woman was in a great deal of mental turmoil; in fact, the scene that stands out the most is the end where the man goes out on the lake in a canoe where he is in tears due to the terrible mental state he is in with the intent to commit suicide himself I believe.  It is then that you see a red headed man who is laughing due to the fact that he is delighting in seeing this man suffer so.  The read headed man of course playing the role of Satan.

I have attempted to utilize the web page whatismymovie.com and have come across titles such as Lake Mungo, Eden Lake, Lost Lake, Devil’s Pond, etc in the process, but I know for a fact that this is not the movie I had seen.  Apparently this movie is a bit obscure in nature, but since I recall initially viewing it in roughly 2010 and recall that the film seemed extraordinarily contemporary I know that for a fact that the movie could not have been made prior to 2000; at least I do not believe it to have been.

I know I was unable to provide you with a good deal of specific details, but thought I would try to find this movie as I can relate to the mental turmoil of the man in the film and because of my faith do believe the impetus of such suffering could relate to a spiritual force many fail to acknowledge the existence of.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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