A movie i don’t recall

Okay, so there is this movie were a kid is going to high school. His mother died when he was younger, he is just taking care of his father who has some type of brain or lung cancer(i can’t really remember). But his father is always joyful and wants his son to drive, but he never wants to. So the boy goes to high school and he has this gay friend in theatre who is always trying to get him to join but won’t. Now this kid, he is one of the most realistic people at his school, but what people don’t know about him is troubling. Except when he meets this new girl, who finds an interest in him, and at one point when they are talking he says a line from monty python and the holy grail. But continuing on, the boy is in love with this girl and ever since he met her he stopped waking up at a certain time in the morning to hurt himself. He doesn’t do it anymore and he tells her that. Now something happens where he gets x-rays of his fathers cancer tumor and brings them to school, and word gets around that the boy has cancer, but he doesnt its his dad. And in the end his father either dies or almost dies, and the boy has to drive his dad to the hospital, while outside his house was the girl he was talking to. And thats all i can remember.

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