A Movie about a Twisted Family

So the movie starts and there’s a masked man stalking this guy or something and then something happens which I don’t remember. Anyways, We move to another house and there’s like a graduation party in session over there. A girl is wandering around and eventually sees her boyfriend kissing another girl and she looks a bit disappointed and then this other girl joins her and they talk about boyfriends, I guess. They then go to the girl’s house to change and all because they made a plan to go to this club and they take the girl’s brother along who’s underage. Also, On the way, they take a detour or something to meet one of the girl’s online date. They take him along, as well.


Cut to the club, They are kidnapped by that masked guy. I’m not sure but I think the girls and the brother are the only ones that are kidnapped. The first girl wakes up in this creepy house where she finds a woman who is brainwashed, I guess. She doesn’t want to escape. The brother finds a tape and when played, he sees the second girl in a room. By this time, the original owner of the house is back. I don’t remember what happens after.

In the ending, The girl and her brother escape but the masked man catches up to them which I didn’t get because The girl drove a screwdriver through his mouth… like how was he standing? He knocks the girl out and when she wakes up she finds herself in the same house. She also finds her Mom kidnapped, just like her.

Apparently, This was the doing of a Father-son duo who kidnap people and brainwash them into thinking that they are a part of their family. The Woman we saw earlier supposed to be the wife of the man and the girl was supposed to be the bride of her son. This is what I got from the plot but I could be wrong.

This was not a mainstream film. I’ve searched for days and came up with nothing. But I’m sure that it’s a movie. It must have come out in between late 2015 to early 2017.



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