A movie about a man who drowns woman


I first watch it some year on the 1990’s (Maybe from 93 to 98). It was colored and not black and white. I think it was in english. Its totally a movie I watch in some channel (most probably HBO). I remember the opening, a girl start undresses in some lake and start swimming round from the land to some dock which was floating on the middle of the lake. As she swam, a man was waiting wearing black tights. near the floating dock. As she was about to climb on the dock. The man pushes her head under water.

Then there was another scene where a woman bathing in her home and the man snucked in and drown her and i remember he took her gold ring.

Somewhere along the movie, the killer had some flashback, he was a lil kid and he let some girl drown when she was asking for help or maybe he drowned her. When the flashback ended, i am not sure but to me I think he was feeling guilty and yet he still kills people.

At the end, I remember he was about to kill someone but he was distracted and started seeing the girl (or maybe woman) that he let drown (or drowned her himself) calling for him in some lake (i remember the lake was pretty swampy). He just swam straight to her maybe try to help.

I dont know if this help. The killer looked like Fred Ward from Tremors.

I been having bad dreams about this and I need closure. I was a kid when i watched this.

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  1. I forgot to mention…. The top 10 can say “there is no such thing! You are just crazy man! You need help”.. Only if you guys arent familiar with it… This has been eating me up….

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