A movie about a kid and a crook who eventually reforms in the end

I suddenly remember I saw this colored movie on TV at school in the 2nd grade once.

The only scenes I remember was:

The beginning where at school, while most students are either doing schoolwork or having a test I think, one boy is using a remote to control a toy car with a camera spying on someone.

The teacher asks the boy for his assignment and he claims his dog took and buried it in the garden somewhere.

The boy and his 2 friends call the police chief i think and mess with him while drawing a funny picture of him and laughing.

The 3 boys find a crook and keep him tied in a tree house and one of them tries in vain to convince his dad twice but to no avail since the crook keeps disappearing.

The boy introduces the crook to his friends after he wakes up.

After the crook has been arrested along with other crooks, he is eventually released while the others stay behind bars.

At the end, after the police chief gives both the boy and the crook a paper (possibly a reward), his dog later takes and buries it in the garden as the film fades to black.

PS: This NOT any of the Home Alone movies, not even the 3rd one especially.

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