A man is faced with an ultimatum and the ghosts/angels of people he previously saved come to him.

So I don’t remember much at all, I was about 7 or 8 at the time (about 10 years ago) I think it was a movie but I’m not entirely sure it could’ve been something else. Basically what I remember is that there is a man and he is faced with some sort of ultimatum, either he’s dying or thinking of committing suicide or something similar and these ghost/angels come to him, one at a time (I remember there being 15 or 7 but I’m really not sure about that) they are people he saved in his lifetime. They take him on sort of flashbacks and I really only remember one it was another man and it involved a car, I think he was the driver but I don’t know how he was saved (for some reason I also have a strong memory of him being blue, it’s not a solid fact but I really  think he was) This whole time the main man is located in a tall building high up in a white room with a big window looking out. The whole movie has a kind of “It’s a Wonderful Life” feel to it. The ghosts/angels showing him what good he has done and thanking him for it. If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful, sorry for such a crappy and vague summary. Thanks!

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