A man and his dog

I’m trying to solve this movie title mystery for a girl I like at work. The way she described this one scene is as follows:

This guy is watching a cooking show and trying to prepare the recipe in the kitchen based on what he is hearing from the show. Well his dog keeps changing the channel everytime the guy watches the cooking show. The dog keeps changing it to another show…like a circus show or something. So when the owner wants to cook something like a turkey….when the dog changes it to another show that show is saying something like spin it the air and throw it over your head….so he (the owner) in turn spins the turkey in the air or throws it over his head and the laughs ensue. The movie is a comedy by the way. That’s all she remembers cause it has been awhile since she has seen it. Oh and she thinks it might have had Doctor something in the title but not Doctor Doolittle….cause I asked. Needles to say, finding out this movie title could win me points with her. Thanks and may the force be with y’all.

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