A lonely bearded man builds a robot replica of himself from spare parts

After uploading all of his data and memories to him, he adds components to make him ‘feel’, and he starts sending him out from the house to ‘learn’.  At first short distances, but each time traveling a little further.

The reason the ‘creator’ being bearded is important is that the replica looks exactly like him, but clean shaven.  Eventually the robot makes his way far enough to a shop, where a woman works.  She happens to be the same woman the robots creators loves, but is too shy to approach other than purchase goods from.  The robot ends up saving her from someone who enters the shop, and she goes back to his house with him.  The robot builds a relationship with her that his  creator was unable to, and eventually the creator is jealous enough to shave off his beard and start talking to her himself.  He disconnects the robots capacity to love.

The robot studies his own blueprints to regain the ability to love and disconnect his own shut down commands so that he can maintain control, and ends up enslaving his own creator.

Towards the end of the movie, the woman finds the man enslaved in the basement, but whom is whom becomes convoluted and after she rescues ‘him’, it turns out he is actually the android.

I saw this movie, I believe on Netflix a couple of years ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember if it was a foreign film or not, or if it was even subtitled or dubbed.  It may have been of Japanese origin, but I really can only recall the story itself and not the actors or language.

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  1. The OP verified elsewhere that Puzzlehead was correct. Marking this one “Solved” and crediting farmer with his first Solve.

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