A lady getting shattered glass in her eyes

I’m looking for the name to a made for tv movie, Historic/horror. Or an actual movie released thru the theatre. all I remember it was from the 70’s and a Lady was washing dishes I believe when a rock came thru the window blinding her with shattered glass. It scared the daylights out of me. It’s not Harvest Home, or House on Skull Island.

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    1. No that wasn’t it, but wow that would of scared me lol. I do recall it was like a black maid, that was blinded with the glass. (while perhaps washing dishes?) I know it wasn’t Roots, Haven’t seen it’s sequel. That’s why it could be horror or some historic movie about prejudice people

  1. Hey guys , i saw a movie or a tv show and i don’t know the name of it ..
    A girl named jessica (teenager) gets murdered by an accident by her school mates their names are kaitlyn and molly and another girl ..
    And one of their mothers throws the body into a river in a hocky bag and she thinks that jessica is dead but she wasn’t and she saw the bag moving ..
    And in the same movie a girl named lindsey commits a suicide and the school throws some kind of a memorial for jessica and lindsey ..
    If you know if it’s a movie or a tv show can you please tell me and tell me the title ..
    Thanks ?

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