A kind of funny kidnap

This one is a bit of a challenge as i only watched a couple scenes. I remember this man holding a young woman hostage. She’s handcuffed, her hands behind her back. She lies on a couch sleep, she’s gagged. She wakes up, he lets her speak. Then it’s more like pieces of scenes i remember. He feeds her pizza while they’re sitting on the couch, she has to pee, goes to the toilet (for some reason they actually show us the procedure…), she asks for discetion, he helps her and goes out the toilet leaving her there cuffed. After she’s done he enters to wipe her clean. The reason why i’m so explicit is that i don’ remember anything else. Also, i watched it no later than 2007 on tv. it didn’t seem too old at the time so i would say that it may not be an earlier than 1990’s film. Good luck 🙂

8 thoughts on “A kind of funny kidnap

    1. I can go ask my bf for tips too cause he 9 years older, but I prefer guessing and he, well I don’t think he remembers like I do. he remembers the years movies come out and years actors were born. I remember faces and movies they been on. I love moves. I love this site, it’s so much fun so thank you.

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