a kid who is in danger and a cop trying to help him

it’s a comedy-family movie about a teenager boy who’s in danger, for witnessing a murder or a robbery I really can’t remember…

and there’s this cop/detective who’s trying to help him but the kid always trying to runaway and keep causes him troubles and prank him all the time and call him a loser, I think the movie was released in the 90s
anyway, in somehow the kid meet with the cop/detective ex-girlfriend/ex-wife.
the kid is: white, blonde, 13-16 years old.
the cop/detective is: withe, grey-white, 34-45 years old.
a few scenes I remember:
#1: the cop/detective go to a bar/restaurant restroom and all the toilet paper has handwriting scripts on it that says he’s:”a loser” ; in blue color I think.

#2: while he’s in the restroom the kid is handcuffed in the car and he use the police radio and report on the cop/detective is being in danger or something,
in the meaning time there was one of the gang who are looking for him about to kill him and when get close the police show up and he flee, the police go inside the bar/restaurant and coming out laughing on the cop/detective.

#3: seal a “loser” word on the cop/detective forehead.

I’ve been looking for this movie for years please help me

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