A Japanese Romantic Film

There was one japanese film that l saw some years ago. That film was not interesting but it had some amazing nice sunny atmosphere and I want to see it again. The film is New he could be released maybe between 2005 and 2016 year.

This film the main hero is a magazine photograph come from Tokyo to his native town to make a few photo for some article about the local nature and tourist attractions. There he meets his female classmate who failed to leave from town and she works like a music teacher in the local school. And he decides to help her with preparations for future festival in this village.

P. S Sorry for all possible mistakes in the text, English is not my native language)

4 thoughts on “A Japanese Romantic Film

  1. No-no-no. This film is not drama. It is a just romantic movie, may be slice of life. And I even don’t sure if there was any romance between main heroes in plot.

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