A high school tv movie or show, super power, teenage boy.

It was an old one but not black and white, i believe it was between 1980s to 1995, watched when i was a kid. I have 3 scene recollection of the movie/show. One our teenage boy bend a street lamp by accident because he forgot his powers (i believe that he gains this super strenght for a short time from a liquid) when he was trying to tie his shoes, second scene was at the end i think, a high school competition, either between school or between students (the popular and strong ones and our guys that uses this liquid/stuff) weight gets higher and higher while competition goes further and even one of the guys got his arms streched when he tries to lift something out of monster truck weight. Our guy gets little late to the scene but he manages to lift the damned thing and crashes the stage when dropping it. Oh and he was also shot in a scene while chasing/seeing some guy, bullet gets squashed like a vegas chip on his chest makes a hole in his new shirt (he gets worried over t-shirt) but i do not know if this is the same one or all these together comes from a tv show of the time but not a movie… Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wow…I must be old. I saw that when it came out in a cinema! That “teen” is Kurt Russell. I think he was already in his 20s but could still play a teenager.

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