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I remember a documentary film that I saw on American Public Broadcasting in the mid-80’s in Atlanta Georgia. It was a documentary about what life would be like in the future. The film was made in the late 60’s to early 70’s, and it had an optimistic view about what the filmmakers thought would happen. It was being shown on PBS as a time capsule of what people thought the future would be like roughly 15 years into the future. I remember there was a nice house nestled in nature, and there were lots of supposed gadgets that would be present in the future world of the 80’s that were not made, and other things that were then commonplace but which seemed futuristic when the documentary was made. I seem to recall that all meals were supposed to be made using the microwave. I know that the film is not Future Shock with Orson Wells… they have some similarities in terms of a 70’s documentary looking at the near future, but Future Shock is not positive about the coming world whereas the one that I remember was optimistic, and it doesn’t feature the look at a futuristic household. It was at least an hour long, but it could be feature length as well. Any ideas?

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  1. Thanks for the guesses thus far, but its not quite it. It is a similar thing, but the one I remember has more of a Logan’s Run/Illustrated Man in terms of extrapolating future fashions. The house was kind of a Frank Lloyd Wright kind of design that was placed over a river, and there are shots of the parents and kids playing in the wilds around the house, as well as visuals showing how the house works with the environment. But the presentation of showing the attributes of the house is similar, definitely.

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