a foreign movie just like Dead Calm; but it was released a year or two before Dead Calm

My boyfriend saw a movie and can’t remember the name…or if it even exists!  He’s had me searching for it for hours with no luck thus driving me insane! And the movie definitely wasn’t Knife in the Water, as the film he says he saw was definitely in color and much more recent, perhaps only a year prior to Dead Calm’s release. But a huge thank you to those of you who suggested it.

He saw a movie in approximately 1988 that was the exact same story as the film Dead Calm. He believes it was a foreign film…perhaps Dutch or Scandinavian…although it was definitely in English not subtitles or dubbed. He saw this in a theater (not on TV) in Santa Monica. The plot: a couple having marital problems…he believes due to the death of a child…decide to try and save their marriage by sailing around the world. The man was a retired (perhaps Norwegian) cruise ship captain…played by a dark-haired actor with a beard…and the couple was also much closer in age than Kidman and Neill were though wife WAS younger. Rest of the plot was the same about encountering a mysterious stranger in a dingy who tricks the husband and boards their boat without permission, abducts the wife, and does bad things to her. The husband, who’s a brilliant sailor, eventually catches up with them, does away with the guy, and saves his wife. BUT…he swears that the movie he saw came out BEFORE Dead Calm – which was released April 7, 1989!!! Is my boyfriend crazy? Can anyone help us?

Please help!



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  1. I haven’t seen Dead Calm, but what you’re describing reminds me of a movie called “The Deep.” I saw it many years ago as part of a college class, so I don’t remember a lot of details but the captain seems right. It was in English.

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