A film about women unhappy in love

I’ve been trying to find a movie (mini-series) for a long time, which I watched on TV once and not until the end, somewhere in 1997-1998. The name of the film and the actors I do not remember. Genre history, drama, melodrama. The action takes place around the 19th century. I remember 2 of the storyline. 1-one married young aristocrat women falls in love in young, then whether writer, then whether scientist and I remember one moment of movie, as they somewhere in the grass on meadow sat and talked and like would have them occurred a kiss. Her husband is an elderly nobleman of high rank. Then, I think, there were problems with her husband. 2-another poor girl, without parents, its played dark-haired simpatichnaya actress, for it tried to sloppy worst owner a small of the castle, or homes. He got her to agree to marry him. On the day of the wedding, on the wedding night, the newly made husband is in the bedroom drunk and rudely attacks her. At night, across the fields, as if in the rain, she escapes to her former home. Then he he comes to her, begs her to come back, she’s disagreeing. Next, the storylines intersect in some way. I did not get to see the end and I was left in agonizing ignorance, what it all ended. I am asking to answer, if suddenly someone remembers such the film. Thank you in advance so much.

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  1. Could that be the weird adaption/sequel of “Poldark” called “Stranger from the Sea?” I think it was universal reviled. I don’t think I ever finished it, but what you’ve written reminds me of it.

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