A Father doing anything to save his daughter

I don’t recall how long ago it was that I saw this movie. If I were to guess, I would say 10 or more years ago but I could be wrong. Anyway, I remember this movie starting out with a father and his daughter leaving either a train station or maybe even an airport. He bumps into a couple of guys, or somehow gets into a small altercation with them. A couple of other people step in and claim to be cops and ask for the man and his daughter to come with them. They end up turning on him and his daughter, taking her hostage in order to blackmail him into completing a job for them. The couple were a man and a woman. The woman kept the daughter with her while the man took the father with him, I believe- started to instruct him on what he needed to do.

The father had to get clever and began to enlist aid from a shoe shine guy and then later from a member of a political group. He was being asked to assassinate some politician but I don’t recall if it was a senator, mayor or what office the person held.

The member of the political party got killed and the father discovered that the politician’s husband was in on the assassination plot. I do not remember all the details but I do know he didn’t go through with the plan and his daughter didn’t get killed. I do know I really enjoyed the movie but I can’t recall the title. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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