A Family Drama About Children and Divorced Parents?

I remember watching this movie around 90s-00s. It’s a family drama about a battle of custody I think? The mother left her husband and 2 children (a little son and a daughter). And now years later when she’s in a much better condition she wanted her son to live with her and her new husband. The father had already remarried and the stepmother had a great relationship with the children.

I remember a scene where at night the mom sneaked around the backyard of the new house to try and peek inside how her children look now. And she touched a high jump pole (her son is into high jump) and it fell and people in the house woke up so she had to left immediately.

There’s also a scene where her daughter (now around college age), told the mom how she remembered, as a child she spilled a carton of orange juice and the mom who was cooking got angry/frustrated and that’s when she left and never came back, and the now adult daughter said “I’m sorry about the orange juice back then” and the mom sobs out of guilt and told the daughter she was sorry and it wasn’t the daughter’s fault that she left.

The movie’s ending was bittersweet. I think in the end the children refused to go with their biological mom and are content with their new family. But the daughter kinda promise she’ll see the biological mom time to time.

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  1. I don’t think it is Once Upon a Family. The set up is the same, but I don’t think the father remarried and the mother is not likable. It was a TV movie from 1980 and a rip-off of Kramer Vs. Kramer.

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