A crew of robots or armoured people with helmets, on a damaged rusty and oily cockpit or room

  • A Sci-fi picture
  • I watch it in a big theatre between 1977-1986.
  • It could be a trailer
  • Coloured, don’t recall any dialogue. Don’t know the language
  • The scenarios and props were very well done, very realistic as I recall them. Oily, rusted, dirty.
  • The tone was more of the 70s, introspective with a strong sense of decadence.

There’s a spaceship’s cockpit or a locked room, old or badly damaged, with an oily and rusty environment (like the interior of Star Wars Sandcrawler) as if it was attacked or has been adrift for a long while.

All of the crew is composed by robots, or armoured guys (helmets hiding their faces, all of them). There’s one which is probably the captain, a character in metal silver with a sort of skull/samurai type helmet, covered with oil resembling dark blood. He lies on a chair either shut down or resting. The rest of the crew have golden metal armours (like C-3PO with a knight’s helmet) with more rounded helmets.

The best analogy I can make for the captain’s helmet is Flash Gordon’s Ming guard’s mask types or Klytus mask. It was angular and it resembled a skull and a samurai helmet.

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    1. Thanks, it’s a very good tip, but I don’t think it’s the one. Humanoid has a pastiche and cheesy look, the one I recall had a trashy, dirty, oily, mechanical look. I recall it as being very realistic in opposition to Sci-fi films as Buck Rogers, Barbarella or Galactica. In those terms is more close to Star Wars IV (original edition).

      The silvery and golden look of the armours/robots is another vivid memory I have.

  1. “Masters of the Universe” (1987)?
    I don’t think they’re in a spaceship, but the bad guys wear similar armor and Skeletor looks similar to Klytus.

    1. Thanks. I had 12 years when Masters of the Universe went to the theatres and I know for sure it’s not the one. I suspect I saw the one I’m looking for still in the seventies…

    1. I’m afraid not, although it was a very good candidate.
      Anyway I learned a lot of things in the way and thanks for that. Never knew Angelica Houston or Ron Perlman were once Space Pirates! Didn’t know John Carradine (the old werewolf from “The Howling” as I remember him) was David Carradine’s father!

      It could be a trailer, short, a piece of the end of a movie perhaps. It was common to enter earlier in the cinemas and confuse the rooms. Perhaps I saw part of a picture of a different movie than the one that the ticket was bought initially.

      I recall the mood to be very serious, either a moribund ship/room after an attack or a place drifting in time. The armoured crew/robots were severely damaged or it was an attack to the captain’s room (sort of skull with a regular shape as an egyptian or samurai helmet – nor referring to the looks or aesthetics, only the form). It wasn’t a comedy at all, It was heavy and dull.

  2. Ok lets try: “space raiders” 1983 rodger corman aka “star child” it is a space opera style using music and sfx from “battle beyond the stars”

    1. It’s not that one. It’s a tough bone I’m chasing since my childhood. It could be a short movie, a trailer, experimental cinema. I dunno. I’m inclined to think that it’s from the 70s and it’s not an american picture.

      1. gave it my best shot, I know what it is to loose a memory and not have the immediate resourses. I am glad this place exists. do not give up!! best wishes, and I will keep looking on my end, bill

    1. try : Real Steel, or Dead Space–
      This article is about the 1991 film. For the 2008 animated film, see Dead Space: Downfall. For the 2011 animated film, see Dead Space: Aftermath. For the video game, see Dead Space (series).
      Directed by Fred Galo
      Produced by:Mike Elliott
      Roger Corman (executive producer)
      Jonathan Winfrey (associate producer)
      Release date January 21, 1991
      Written by Catherine Cyran
      Running time 72 minutes
      Country United States
      Language English
      Dead Space is a 1991 science-fiction film involving the crew members of a space station orbiting Saturn when they face a killer virus. The movie is a remake of the 1982, Roger Corman-produced, Mutant and while there are minor differences, it still retains the main storyline and character set-up.
      In 2010, Shout! Factory released the film on DVD, packaged as a double feature with The Terror Within as part of the Roger Corman’s Cult Classics collection.[1]

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