A comedy with a cult in it.

I find this immensely frustrating because I can only give very vague descriptions.

It was a comedy and I believe it was a movie (but it could have been a show, in which case I am very sorry).

There is a group of friends and a couple of them accidentally join a cult.  The women are wearing old fashioned conservative type dresses (think FLDS type of dress). It takes place on this beautiful farm where there is a lot of tall overgrown grass and they are growing fruit and then later selling it on the side of the road.

There is one point where they are all in a circular type cabin and they are passing around a “truth stick” or a gourd or something, where they can speak their mind but only if they are holding this stick/gourd.

One of the guys gets super angry at the leader and breaks the stick/gourd because the leader kept purposefully keeping it away from him and being a dick about it.

Finally a couple of the friends leave but leave one or two of the guys behind basically because the guy was getting laid a lot.  Then I remember something about how the fruit was super good and they ate it while selling some of it on the side of the road.

If anyone knows what this is, PLEASE TELL ME!!

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