A comedy movie memory

I think its from a comedy. There are 2 guys (we will call them ‘Guy A’ and ‘Guy B’ to make it easy. So in the scene ‘Guy A’ is really distracted and asks ‘Guy B’ to pass him something. But the thing is ‘Guy A’ is already holding the thing he is asking for. So ‘Guy B’ looks at ‘Guy A’ then looks at the thing in ‘Guy A’s’ hands and then at his face again. Then ‘Guy B’ reaches over and jerks the thing in ‘Guy A’s’ hands as if he has just passed it him and ‘Guy A’ thanks ‘Guy B’ for passing it to him even though he had it in his hands all the time.

Driving me crazy trying to remember this. Be a legend and remind me of the movie. Thank you =o)

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