A boy and a crippled horse??

Prob came out in the 1970’s,
It was about a city boy who was forced to spend time with Native grandfather who gave him a crippled, limping horse (I think a palomino) and the boy had to take the horse into the wilderness to find a water source that would heal the horse. Any ideas? Saw this as a kid and can not remember for the life of me!!


1 thought on “A boy and a crippled horse??

  1. “Three Warriors”(1977)

    ‘…The grandfather who has a great amount of patience and wisdom finds a way to bond with the grandson. He buys him a horse that is limp, and tells the boy that the horse can be healed. If he turns to the ways of his forefathers and makes a pilgrimage to the sacred grounds the horse will be healed….’
    You can watch a clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v20Sn6emTFU

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