A badly made horror/thriller, possibly about an island. 2004-2006

Been trying for a while to find this. I rented it with a friend in 2005 or 2006.

All I can remember is it was poorly made and had a lot of continuity mistakes such as a characters beard changing lengths in the same scene. There was also a scene with a mad chained up like a dog as somebody ate a meal, if my memory serves me right.

I’m sure it was set on an island, I can remember a scene with a grassy hill and two men walking down it. We rented it from blockbuster

13 thoughts on “A badly made horror/thriller, possibly about an island. 2004-2006

    1. Nah not it. It was a very strange movie with not much making sense, the more i research it the more it looks like it could be a mockbuster and definitely a straight to dvd movie. I can remember the cover saying something about the makers of Saw or Jeepers Creepers which is why we got it but that could be totally wrong and throwing me off

  1. And yes this was a shelf filler at blockbuster. I remember in college blockbuster liquidating their inventory , and this movie, The Spirit and Road House 2 took up an entire section.

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