90’s to early 2000’s comedy movie

so i don’t have much to give for people to go off of for this but im hoping that it’ll get some response. now this isn’t a recent movie as the title says, but i know that it’s not a super old movie either, i remember that much of the trailer when i was a kid. it’s in english and in color, it might even be a show actually, im not sure. the only thing i really remember from the trailer is that there was some asian guy, he may have been a doctor, im not 100% sure, and one of the things he said in the trailer was: “I am with you disco stu!!” now i know there’s a character in the show “The Simpsons” with the name “disco stu”, but i know for a fact that this isn’t from the simpsons. i was born in 93 and i remember seeing the trailer for this movie or show, but that’s the only thing i remember from the trailer cuz i thought it was funny. i also remember the vibe i got from it and i knew it which is how i know it’s a comedy, i don’t remember seeing anything in the trailer that made me feel it was anything else. but yeah, going from that part of the trailer that i remember, and the quality of it, i know it was not any older than the 90’s and if it was, it would’ve been like late 80’s at the most. so 90’s to early 2000’s, like this movie would’ve been out before 2010 i know that much. sorry i can’t provide more to go off of, but i hope this’ll be enough, this is another movie that’s been bugging me for years because i don’t know what it is. thanks in advance for the help

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