90s Sci-Fi Film

I believe this movie was made in the 90s (possibly late 80s or early 2000s tho). Everything I typed in bold is for certain. Everything else is likely. I am categorizing this as a sci-fi flick but it may also be considered a softcore film. It is most likely a B-rated movie as well. I know that the version I watched was in English and I think it was made in America. There were no known actors that I can easily identify. A scene I remember involves a guy wearing a cheap Roman soldier outfit walking through a desert. I know for certain that he had some form of mind control ability. I specifically remember  a scene where he used this ability on a stripper performing on stage and caused her to orgasm. I think I remember her wearing a black eye mask. I believe her performance then earned her a standing ovation. I specifically remember that the stripper then approached this man and kissed him hard, then slapped him (or vice versa). The guy may have been an alien, or under alien influence. I’m sure he used his ability on other women throughout the film, unfortunately, I don’t recall any other scenes. Google and other “name that movie” type sites have not been helpful. Anyone recognize it? Thanks.

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    1. Yes that’s absolutely it! I totally forgot that I made this inquiry lol. Hmmm… I’m not seeing an option to mark this as “solved?” But you solved it Doc thanks!

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