90’s movie horror/kids halloween movie

This is a long shot…. But here goes.

I remember a movie that I saw way back in the 90’s. All I can remember is that it was about a teen girl and she had some attitude problems towards her parents. Normal teen angst I guess. Well she saw “hell” carved or written down on something, and when she told her mom about it she got in trouble for saying “hell” or for making it up. Turns out whoever wrote “hell” was trying to write “help” but couldn’t finish writing it for some reason.

I could have sworn that this was a Christina Ricci movie, she would have been the teen. But when I looked at IMDB I didn’t see anything that looked familiar. I feel like I remember it being a kids halloween-ish movie. Like Casper, but it wasn’t casper. I could have been an actually horror movie. I’m just not sure.

Please help! This is bothering me so much.

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    1. Thank you for the reply!

      No I don’t think it was an episode of a show. I know I’ve never seen that show, and I think if it was indeed Christina Ricci that she would have been too young in that particular movie. I think the girl was around the age that Christina Ricci was in the movie Casper. So preteen age. I’m trying so hard to remember anything else about the movie.

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