90s movie: girl (babysitter?) and kids get turned into animated dogs

I don’t remember a lot, but I’ll describe as much as I can to the best of my memory.

The movie starts out live action. There was a girl, I think she was babysitting, and somehow the kids she was babysitting got turned into dogs, and that’s when the movie becomes animated.

They end up wandering off or something and the girl, who is also an animated dog at this point has to either find them to turn them back into humans or maybe they were all searching for their dog they lost?

Random remembrances:

The girl wore I think a blue jean hat with a sunflower on it, and when she was turned into a dog she might have worn the hat too.

I seem to remember an odd importance of a squeaky toy?

I also recall a scene, I think in the beginning, where the girl is painting in a house and the paint spills.

This has been irking me for some time now, and Google has been no help at all.

Thanks for reading!

24 thoughts on “90s movie: girl (babysitter?) and kids get turned into animated dogs

  1. I think it is the 90s series Secret Adventures. There is a babysitter and some kids and they turn into different animated animals in each episode.

        1. I’ve been trying to find this for YEARS lol me and my sister have. It’s drove me crazy. I remember the one of her running for class president and it was called “spin” and i remember “spin” something and the talking toaster so every time I searched it came up about brave little toaster lol. Dude I’m so glad I finally found it lol

    1. thank you! ive also been trying to think of the name of this show. ive been showing my niece all the old christian kids shows i watched growing up like hoomania and the kingdom chums psalty’s the praise book. and i know she will like this one too. thank you and god bless!!

      1. Your honesty is admirable. Someone else who was looking for this movie “bumped” this thread and inadvertently fooled me into thinking this was a new Solve.

        1. No problem! It still says I have 1 more solve than I should, though (although the duplicate title has been taken off my list–it’s just the number that’s wrong). Is there a way to fix that?

  2. Oh my goodness I have been looking for this for so long!!! I even started a thread on yahoo about 4 years ago. Having serious flashbacks. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh my gosh saphriel you are awesome!!!! I’ve been looking for this like FOREVER. Thank you thank you THANK YOUUUUU!!!!

  4. Jeez, how many people are looking for this one? I never heard of it but it must have been common among a certain age group.

  5. Here I am 5 years after the original question was asked to say thanks! Haha this has been bugging me lately, and I was beginning to think I imagined this entire show. Lol

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