90s Movie

I remember watching the beginning of a movie or tv show in the late 80s or early 90s. The mother was living with her boyfriend and had a daughter. One day, the mother while working at a hair salon realizes she is late to pick up her daughter (miscommunication, she thinks it is the boyfriend or father’s day to pick her up). While rushing to pick up her daughter, she gets into a car accident and dies. I think she drives into a pickup truck with logs on the back. I remember it having a lifetime/made for tv movie vibe.


I know this is very very random but it has been bothering me for years.

5 thoughts on “90s Movie

  1. I’ve been looking for a (possibly) 60’s suspense movie in which a woman driving in bad weather at night strikes a man with her car. She panics and leaves him for dead. Then a member of her family finds the man walking the road with amnesia and brings him home. Dom-dah-dom-dom. Don’t know the actors names and I’ve searched Hitchcock movies.

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