90’s martial arts cop movie?

Ok so what i remember is it was a movie in the 90’s about 2 cops investigating like a japanese mafia or gang or something. These two guys were martial artists. Well one of them was he had long blonde hair and rode a motorcyle and the other was trying to learn from his buddy and he was of a medium build with short brown or black hair. Theres a scene where early in the film where the long haired martial arts badass gets ambushed and his partner shows up just in time to see his friend beheaded by his attackers. I remember there might have been some underground fighting thing going on where the less expierinced fighter proves himself later and gets his revenge. This has been bugging me for weeks and i cant find anything. Help!

8 thoughts on “90’s martial arts cop movie?

  1. Black Rain (1989)

    Two Cops: one long blonde hair, one short dark hair, motorcycles, Yakuza, ambush and decapitation. – No martial arts or underground fighting tournament, however. Either you’re misremembering Black Rain or you’re looking for a knock off of Black Rain.

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